• Ji Soo Kim

    Ji Soo Kim is a junior sculpture major at Pratt Institute. Her sculpture work often includes traditional media, mixed media, and found objects.

    Ji Soo also works in two demensional art including painting and illustration. If you would like to contact Ji Soo, feel free to email her at jisookim22@gmail.com

    Thanks for stopping by!

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The Birthday Party


Potato Couch


Unidentified Identity of early 2009

      Personal Documentary of a teenager’s identity crisis made on hopes of finding her answer. The question, however, still remains unanswered even after three years, 2011…    

Midnight Sleep

  Series 1 & 2    

Paint Ing.

  6 ft by 8 ft — in progress.    

Seventeen going on eighteen

18 ft by 24 ft    


    3.3 ft by 3.3 ft.    

Food for thought

How many packets of noddles do you need to fill up a bowl?